Best Belgian Chocolate Brands In Saudi Arabia

Chocolate is the centrepiece for luxurious celebrations and a sweet treat at the end of a hard day. Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest markets for chocolate products in the Middle East with chocolate products breaking the cultural barriers of the country. The country has grown to over 20 million chocolate consumers and the number is still growing. Recently, we are looking for the best chocolate brands. And we found there are also many types of best chocolate brands. In this article, we will introduce the top chocolate brands in Saudi Arabia.

1. GODIVA Chocolates

Godiva Chocolates is one of the best Belgium Chocolate brands in Saudi Arabia. It has become one of the most famous chocolate brands in Saudi Arabia and in Asia since the introduction of a small range of chocolates in the Belgian market in 1925. The Godiva chocolate factory is based in the suburb of Brussels, Belgium. The Godiva chocolate company has now expanded to more than 225 countries around the globe and now offers a range of Belgian Chocolates and other confectionery products. Very recently, Godiva’s Saudi Arabian online shopping platform was published. You can order the richest Belgian chocolates of Godiva from

2. Neuhaus Chocolates

A brand can always be associated with its logo and its brand identity. Neuhaus is a perfect example of that. It is one of the most expensive chocolate brands in the world. Neuhaus is a family business having been founded by Joseph Neuhaus in 1857. They are known for their high quality of chocolate products and their handmade techniques. They make some of the best chocolate products in the world and hence they are a highly sought-after brand. This blog post will be about one of their products from their range of dark chocolate, which is the 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar.

3. The Belgian Chocolate

The Belgian chocolate company started in 1958 in Belgium. Since that time, “THE BELGIAN” has not only been able to provide customers with high-quality Belgian chocolate products but also has developed and expanded the scope of its business to reach more customers. The Belgian Chocolate Company is a well-known chocolate company from Belgium. They are very famous for their chocolate gift box categories. They have a number of different gift box categories that you can choose from.

Luxury Belgian chocolate is just a term that is used to describe chocolates that are produced in Belgium by Belgian chocolate producers. These chocolate brands are considered a luxury because they are handmade and are made from premium ingredients. They also sell for high prices. In Saudi Arabia, the most well-known luxury chocolate brands are Godiva, Neuhaus, The Belgian and Pierre Marcolini.

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